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Fakultät Sozialwissenschaften

Innovation I: Concepts and Theories

Donnerstags, 12:00 – 14:00 Uhr, (2 SWS)

Emil-Figge-Straße 50 - 2.109

23.05.2024: Am 23.05.2024 findet das Seminar im Raum 5.246 in der EF50 statt.

Sommersemester 2024

Environment and innovation are important keywords for looking at social development processes. In this seminar, basic concepts and theories of social science innovation research are presented and discussed. Central topics include the analysis of the connection between innovation and social change and its significance in the context of concrete social transformation processes (such as the energy transition, transport transition, formation of new consumption patterns, etc.). Concepts and empirical findings from social science innovation research as well as its history and development form the focus of the seminar. Special attention is paid to social theories that focus on the connection between innovation, social change and social transformation and analyse the interaction between technological and social aspects. At the same time, the seminar asks about the contribution of social science innovation research to reflecting on and overcoming societal challenges. Within the scope of the seminar, current and future-oriented topics and developments of social-scientific innovation research are taken up.


BA Soziologie M5.6 E2