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Inclusion innovation

Here, the research group "Innovation of Inclusion introduces itself. Innovation research looks for mechanisms of emergence and diffusion of new technologies and social practices. Inclusion research is concerned with the analysis as well as the improvement of the conditions of participation. Both are united by their analytical and transdisciplinary view of transformation processes in society, their interest in participation processes, and the approach of wanting to understand the framework conditions for the implementation and failure of new solutions as comprehensively as possible.

Social innovations are associated with special potentials for overcoming societal challenges. The connection between social innovations and the transformation process toward an inclusive society raises questions about the political-practical design of social innovations for more participation: Just like technological innovations, social innovations need framework conditions that make ideas discoverable, promote them, bring the right actors together and scale successful solutions.

The research team "Innovation of Inclusion": (flnr.): Bastian Pelka, Ann Christin Schulz, Lisa Preissner, Jana York, Daniel Krüger, Christoph Kaletka. Jan Jochmaring is missing in the picture.

The researchers, which deal with these questions theoretically, conceptually as well as application-oriented, are:
PD Dr. Bastian Pelka (Faculties Rehabilitation Sciences & Social Sciences)
PD Dr. Christoph Kaletka (sfs)
Dr. Jan Jochmaring (Faculty Rehabilitation Sciences)
Daniel Krüger (sfs)
Lisa Preissner (sfs)
Ann Christin Schulz (sfs)
Dr. Jana York (Faculty Rehabilitation Sciences)
Teresa Sator (Faculty Rehabilitation Sciences)

At the 36th Annual Meeting of Inclusion Researchers in Zurich, the research team presented current research results from various projects on the topic of "Innovation of Inclusion". More information about this news.