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Our understanding of re­search

A key focus of the Social Research Center's work is active participation in social and technological innovation processes. Improving the ability of people and their organizations to shape, reflect and learn is central in our work. This is the case, because we are convinced that the active participation of the people affected in each case is an indispensable component in the sustainable management of change and innovation processes.

At the Social Research Center Dort­mund, the examination of new forms of knowledge gen­era­tion, in which the potential users or "customers" do not appear as final consumers of the innovation. Instead they are woven into complex com­mu­ni­cation networks as equal co-producers. This understanding of re­search in our institute led to the development of a new type of projects and established an intensive examination of networks as engines of modernization and innovation, which entailed considerable con­se­quences for the social science's self-understanding and its methodology. The institute has developed a specific re­search profile that com­bines scientific quality with active participation in shaping processes of change and innovation.


Location & approach

Exit 13 (Kreuz Dort­mund Nord-Ost), direction Derne/Schwerte (B236), 1st exit direction Dort­mund-Eving, next traffic lights turn right (Kemminghauser Str.), after 2.7km turn left (Evinger Str./B 54), after 1.1km traffic lights turn left (Deut­sche Straße), after 500m on the left is the Evinger Platz.

From the Bundesstraße 1 (extension A40 or A44) to the intersection B1/B236 direction Lünen, 3rd exit direction Dort­mund-Eving.

Exit Dort­mund Hafen, turn left until the intersection Münsterstraße (B54), direction Eving, after about three kilometers turn into Deut­sche Straße.

You can download an enlarged general map here

From Dort­mund Airport, it takes just about 20 minutes to get to Dort­mund Central Station by AirportExpress and from there to the uni­ver­si­ty by subway (U-Bahn) 41. The stop is "Zeche Minister Stein". A wider range of in­ter­na­tio­nal flight connections is offered by Düsseldorf Airport, about 60 kilometers away, which can be reached directly by S-Bahn from the uni­ver­si­ty station. From there, you can get directly to Dort­mund Central Station.

From Dort­mund Central Station, take the U 41 light rail (direction Brambauer / Brechten). The stop is "Zeche Minister Stein". The Minister Stein Center is located on the right in the direction of travel of the streetcar.

You can find an overview map here.