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Department of Social Sciences

Organisational structure


Executive Board

As a scientific institution of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Technical Uni­ver­sity of Dort­mund, the Social Research Centre is managed by a board of directors. This board develops and decides on the guidelines of the institute's work and decides on the programme, personnel and use of funds within the frame­work of the budget and in ac­cor­dance with the institute's regulations.

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The director is responsible for the scientific programme of the Social Research Centre and manages its business. In ac­cor­dance with the evolved institute culture and the self-image of the Social Research Centre Dort­mund, the management of the institute is currently carried out collegially by a team.

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Research areas

The organisation of the work of the Social Research Centre is based on re­search areas with focus topics. Central thematic areas are dealt with as cross-cutting themes across re­search areas.

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Scientific Advisory Board

The work of the Social Research Centre is accompanied by an external scientific advisory board. It consists of ten academics who are recognised in the sfs's field of work. The scientific advisory board advises the sfs on all questions of general re­search conception and supports it in the performance of its tasks.

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