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Encyclopedia of Social Innovation

This invaluable Encyclopedia presents an interdisciplinary and comprehensive overview of the field of social innovation, providing an insightful view into potential future developments both practically and theoretically.

With entries authored by prominent international scholars, the Encyclopedia outlines the theoretical foundations, concepts, types, processes and measurement of social innovation. Entries cover a variety of key themes including social innovation ecosystems, co-creation, new technologies and methods, education, governance and policies.

The Encyclopedia of Social Innovation will serve as a significant reference point for both scholars and students of social entrepreneurship, sociology and management. It will also be beneficial for all those seeking to clarify various problem-solving routes in the face of contemporary societal challenges.

Key features:

  • 77 accessible and fully-referenced entries
  • An interdisciplinary scope providing readers with a sound overview of social innovation in different research areas
  • Exploration of the societal, political, business and entrepreneurial ramifications of social innovation
  • Examination of the challenges caused by modern phenomena such as rapid population growth and how these challenges have affected new social demands.
Cover von "Encyclopedia of Social Innovation" © Edward Elgar Publishing
Cover von "Encyclopedia of Social Innovation"