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Department of Social Sciences

Key topics

In this context, social innovation is a central research topic at the Social Research Centre. Social innovations in the sense of new practices for shaping social change are omnipresent and contribute to social development. The Social Research Centre researches their potential for solving important questions of the present and future, as well as framework conditions for the effective use or emergence of social innovations.

As an institute with a long tradition in labour research, multi-perspective approaches to changes and current and future challenges in the world of work – such as through Industry 4.0 and digitalisation – continue to be a central building block in the scientific work of the Social Research Centre.

Our focus is on the question of the conditions and perspectives for realising economically, ecologically and socially sustainable development. The Social Research Centre is involved in shaping social, technological and ecological processes of change and innovation.

Urgent questions for the future are core building blocks of the scientific work of the Social Research Centre – e.g. inclusion, education, climate-resilient urban development, work organisation, the elimination of gender inequalities in the world of work, health promotion, social relations in companies, sustainability in consumption and production, and climate protection.

In addition to the two main topics of the Social Research Centre – social innovations and labour research – the following is only an abbreviated explanation of the core topics and core questions of our institute. More detailed insights into our research fields can be found on the pages of our thematically delimited research areas.

Research themes of the Social Research Centre

  • Social innovations
  • Labour research
  • Industry 4.0
  • Digital transformation
  • (Digital) inclusion
  • Gender justice
  • Climate protection and climate-resilient municipalities
  • Demographic change
  • Urban and district planning
  • Labour market integration
  • Sustainable growth