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Department of Social Sciences
Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Awareness training for organisations to avert and deal with crises
Further information can be found on the AktOr website.

Duration: 15 July 2012-31 October 2014

Projektlogo Aktor (blau)

Research question

Increasing complexity and the associated risks and potential hazards present organisations with increased challenges in maintaining the safety of their operations. How can organisations operate successfully in environments where small mistakes can have serious consequences?

Research method

The project is based on social science findings about so-called High Reliability Organisations (HROs), i.e. organisations that achieve a high level of reliability despite operating in complex environments. The project is based on the assumption that operators of critical infrastructure can benefit from HRO principles. The aim of the project is to translate these principles into crisis training that can be used in the context of human resource and organisational development processes to build a culture of mindfulness and thus increase the safety and reliability of an organisation.

Project partner