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Department of Social Sciences

Adaptive Intelligence of Factories in the dynamic and complex environment (GRK 2193)

04/01/2016 - 03/31/2025

This project investigates the interaction of explicit and tacit knowledge in manufacturing and logistics, and the impact it has on adaptability of factories in the the shift to smart maintenance.

German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • Due to highly dynamic changes in the environment and constantly changing technologies, companies in the manufacturing industry are under constant pressure to adapt to new environmental challenges in order to be able to operate efficiently and competitively on a continuous basis. In this respect, the planning and design of this adaptability or adaptive intelligence of factory systems is essential. The Research Training Group is an interdisciplinary qualification and research project that starts at this interface and aims to enable doctoral students to work together scientifically across disciplines and to transfer findings from research directly into practice.
  • Against the background of these increasing adaptation requirements and technological change processes, Martin Eisenmann's dissertation project focuses on the role of knowledge and activity structures in production and logistics and in the maintenance sector. The doctoral candidate is investigating how knowledge is changing in the course of the development of maintenance into a smart maintenane through the introduction of new digital infrastructure and what consequences this has for knowledge and the ability to act.
  • Partners from production and logistics with a focus on maintenance
  • Chair of Corporate Logistics; Chair of Corporate Accounting and Controlling
  • RIF Institute for Research and Transfer e.V.
  • Fraunhofer IML
  • Addressing novel research questions in the interdisciplinary environment of factory adaptation processes and creating a homogeneous level of knowledge and communication
  • Promotion of young scientists through successfully completed doctoral projects
  • Research contribution to enable intelligent collaboration between humans and machines and dynamic configuration of interdisciplinary planning workflows

Case studies / expert interviews with companies and specialists from maintenance and software development.