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The Social Research Center presents research results from the eLLa4.0 project "Good Leadership and Work in the Sociodigital Transformation" at the 32nd RESER International Conference in Paris

From December 8-12, the 32nd RESER conference on "Looking back to move forward: the past, present, and future of Service Science" was held at Gustave Eiffel University. In the session "Managerial consequences of work organization transformation", challenges of leadership in the context of digital transformation were discussed.

The European Association for REsearch on SERvices (RESER) is an association that has been bringing together researchers and practitioners (from public policy makers to corporate managers) for more than 30 years and actively participates in the dissemination of service science by organizing a congress that takes place each year at a different European university or research institute.
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The 32nd RESER International Conference 2022 also focused, among other things, on leadership and management-related developments in the current production environment (co-production, service productivity, innovation measurement, social innovation, etc.).  Experts from Germany, Denmark and Sweden.
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The presentation will show to what extent leadership is undergoing a functional change in which the service character is gaining importance over the instructional character. Furthermore, implications for the role of leadership, its tasks and competence requirements will be discussed.
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