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Department of Social Sciences

Christine Best


Social Research Centre Dortmund (sfs)

Evinger Platz 17, Room 68


Tel.: +49 231 755 90204

Fax: +49 231 755 90205


Research Associate
Research area Work, Organization, Gender

Focus of work

Demographic change
Labour market integration
Transfer of knowledge

  • Since 2019: Research Associate in the research area "Labour politics and health" at Social Research Centre Dortmund
  • 2019: Master of Arts in Ageing Societies with a focus on "Education and Work" and "Health and Intervention" at TU Dortmund University
  • 2018–2019: Research Assistant in the fields of work politics and health at Social Research Centre Dortmund
  • 2016–2018: Student Assistant at the Institute for Housing, Real Estate, Urban and Regional Development (InWIS Forschung & Beratung GmbH) at the European Training Centre for the Housing and Real Estate Industry EBZ in Bochum
  • 2016: Bachelor of Arts in Gerontology at University of Vechta
  • 2012–2014: Student assistant in the nursing area of the HELIOS Clinic Holthausen, Clinic for Neurosurgical and Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Best, C. (2021). Social Art for Social Inclusion under Special Conditions. Modification and Impact of a Theatre Approach for Promoting Employability, Entrepreneurship and Language Learning during the Pandemic. 11th International Conference The Future of Education. 01.07.2021, online/Florence.
  • Guhlemann, K. & Best, C. (2020). Work Design in the Digitization Process in Small Business of the Craft’s Sector. Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference. 17.09.2020, online.
  • Best, C. (2020). Und wenn die Fremde Brecht zitiert? Die Wirkung sozialer Kunst auf Spannungen im Migrationskontext. Congress of the German Society for Sociology. 21.09.2020, Online.
  • Best, C. (2020). Betriebliche Mitbestimmung im Zeichen des Generationenwechsels: Wissensweitergabe bei Vorsitzwechsel im Betriebsrat. Presentation of science video for the jury of the AGExp Awards. 16.07.2020, online.
  • Best, C. & Guhlemann, K. (2020). Die Kunst des Spracherwerbs. Scenario Online Dramapädagogik-Tage. PH Zug HTWG Konstanz. 16.07.2020, online.
  • Best, C. (2019). Die Kunst der sozialen Transformation. Conference „Nachhaltig Leben und Wirtschaften“ of the Professional Association of German Sociologists. 25.05.2019, Hochschule München.

Video (in German) on the master thesis "Workplace co-determination under the sign of generational change: knowledge transfer in the event of a change of chairmanship in the works council"