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Department of Social Sciences

Marthe Zirngiebl


Social Research Centre Dortmund (sfs)

Evinger Platz 17, Room 96


Tel.: +49 231 755 90200

Fax: +49 231 755 90205


Research Associate
Research area Innovation and education in the digital society

Focus of work

Social Innovation
Sustainable Consumption and Production

  • Since April 2018: Teaching activities, BSc und MSc Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University
  • Since February 2016: Research Associate at the Social Research Center, TU Dortmund University
  • 2013–2015: MSc Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, Lund University, Sweden
  • 2012–2013: Research Assistant, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy, Research Group 3, "Material Flows and Resource Management", project "POLFREE"
  • 2009–2012: BA Arts & Culture, focus on "Political Culture", Maastricht University, Netherlands
  • September 2011–January 2012: Exchange semester, Institut d'Études Politiques Aix-en-Provence, France

Completed research projects

SI-DRIVE – Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change (2014-2017; EU FP7)

MAKE-IT: Understanding Collective Awareness Platforms with the Maker Movement (2016-2017; EU Horizon 2020)


Zero Waste Shopping – An investigation of the transition towards package-free consumption practices, speedtalk at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference, 06.10.2021, Karlsruhe (digital), Germany

Nachhaltige Konsumpraktiken – Was wir ändern sollten ("Sustainable Consumption Practices – What we need to change"), Workshop together with Eva Wascher at the convention Impact Friends, 27.08.2021, Dortmund, Germany


Social Innovation and Social Change: Analysing the Diffusion of Zero Waste Practices, talk at the conference DGS Tagung Great Transformation: Die Zukunft moderner Gesellschaften, 26.09.2019, Jena, Germany

ALL PROFIT – Unternehmen als soziale Innovatoren? ("ALL PROFIT – Companies as social innovators?") Panel discussion by ZEIT-Stiftung at the 9. Millerntor Gallery of Viva con Agua, 06.07.2019, Hamburg, Germany

Building Blocks of a Typology of Social Innovation – How do Social Innovations Interact with their Environment? Talk at the annual EU-SPRI Tagung, 05.06.2019, Rome, Italy

Atlas of Social Innovation, talk at the conference XX. Tagung für Angewandte Sozialwissenschaften (BDS). Nachhaltig Leben und Wirtschaften. Management Sozialer Innovationen als Gestaltung gesellschaftlicher Transformation, 25.05.2019, Munich, Germany

The Zero Waste Movement as Social Innovation, talk at PhD Workshop "Social Innovation in Collaborative Projects", 02.04.2019, Unisinos, Porto Alegre, Brasil


Atlas of Social Innovation - Eine interaktive Wissensbank ("Atlas of Social Innovation – an interactive knowledge repository"), talk at the colloquium 3. Prozedurologisches Kolloquium: Transformierende Lehre etablieren, 12.10.2018, Weltethos Institut Tübingen, Germany

Building Blocks of a Typology of Social Innovation, talk at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference, 12.06.2018, Manchester, United Kingdom

Ergebnisse zu Kooperationen Sozialer Innovation aus dem Projekt SI-DRIVE ("Results on cooperations of social innovation based on the project SI-Drive"), talk at the workshop Transformative Kooperationen für nachhaltige Entwicklung during the annual conference of UPJ, 15.03.2018


Good intentions are not enough - the Maker Movement's current contribution to sustainability transitions, Speedtalk at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference, 21.06.2017, Gothenburg, Sweden

What are scenarios for a sustainable maker movement?, workshop at the Digital Social Innovation Fair, 02.02.2017, Rome