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Department of Social Sciences

Fabian Adelt (née Lücke)

Social Research Centre Dortmund (sfs)

Evinger Platz 17, room 37

Email: fabian.adelttu-dortmundde

Tel.: +49 231 755 7447

Fax: +49 231 755 90205

Research Associate
Research field Sociology of Technology

  • since February 2011: Research associate at Technology Studies Group of TU Dortmund
  • January 2011: Diploma in computer science at TU Dortmund University
  • April 2008 until October 2010: Undergraduate assistant at Technology Studies Group of TU Dortmund University
Lectures as research associate
  • seminar "Simulation of artificial social systems" (Master)
  • tutorial for the lecture "Organizational sociology" (Bachelor)
  • lecture substitute "Organizational sociology" (Bachelor)
  • lecture substitute "Introduction to Social Studies of Technology" (Bachelor)
Research projects
  • MoMeEnT – Modeling the socio-technical Multi-level architecture of the Energy system and its Transformation (2019–2022, funded by DFG)
  • KoRiSim – Collaborative Data and Risk Management forFuture Energy Grids –a Simulation Study (2015–2018, funded by BMBF)
  • RisCSim – Mixed modes of governance as a means of risk management in complex systems: an empirical study using computer simulation (2012–2015, funded by FONCSI)
  • "Feedback and interventions for changing end-user behavior in smart grids. An application of the model of frame selection." Social Simulation Conference, Mainz im September 2019 (peer reviewed, with Sebastian Hoffmann)
  • "Modelling the governance of transitions - a simulation experiment on urban transportation", 8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, Göteborg im Juni 2017 (peer reviewed, with Sebastian Hoffmann)
  • "Modelling the governance of energy transitions", 3rd Energy and Society Conference, Leipzig im September 2016,  (peer reviewed, with Sebastian Hoffmann)
  • "Agent-based modelling of the governance of energy transitions", 7th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, Wuppertal im September 2016,  (peer reviewed, with Sebastian Hoffmann)
  • "An introduction to agent-based modeling - experiences from the SimCo-project", 1st EAEPE - RA[X] Workshop: New Frontiers and Methodological Advances in Cooperation and Network Research, Essen im November 2015, (eingeladener Vortrag, with Sebastian Hoffmann)
  • "Simulating risk management and regime change in large socio-technical systems", Simulating Knowledge Dynamics - Training and Work in Progress. SKIN 4, Neapel im Mai 2015, (peer-reviewed)
  •  "Steuerung komplexer Systeme. Ergebnisse einer soziologischen Simulationsstudie mit SUMO-S", Braunschweiger Verkehrskolloquium (DLR) im April 2014, (eingeladener Vortrag, mit Johannes Weyer)
  • "Sociological theory of action in complex socio-technical system - theory and practice", International workshop: Sociology and Political Science in dialogue on Rational Choice Theory and Applications, Turin im September 2013, (peer reviewed)
  • "Mixed Modes of Governance as a means of Risk Management", NeTWork 2012: Liability and Insurance and their Influence on Safety Management of Industrial Operations and Products, Toulouse im Oktober 2012, (peer reviewed, with Johannes Weyer)