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Department of Social Sciences
Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Assessing Big Data
Further information on the project can also be found on the ABIDA website

Duration: 01 March 2015–28 February 2019



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Assessing Big Data

  •     Trust as the basis for interaction with apps
  •     Potential analysis in the field of real-time control of socio-technological systems through simulation.

The interdisciplinary project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, explores the social opportunities and risks of linking big data, and drafts options for action for politics, research and development.


In-depth study on trust

What data do apps get from me and what do I get in return as a user? Why do we give them this data? What do they do with it? How much do we trust their recommendations for action? To what extent do these apps determine our actions and our view of the situation?

In-depth study on real-time control

What opportunities are opened up by the collection of big data in large socio-technological systems? How can the traffic network in particular be controlled in real time? What advantages does big data offer for the traffic of the future and what risks are foreseeable?  Can increased pollutant emissions and congestion potential be reduced?


Publications from the project can be found in  our Sociology Working Papers.