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Future Hub as a valuable outcome

Final event of the Ch@nge Ruhr project – results, offers, outlook

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On 10.11.22 the final event of the cooperation project Ch@nge Ruhr took place at the Learning and Research Factory of the Ruhr University Bochum. The institutes of the IAT Gelsenkirchen, the IAQ Duisburg, the GAS and the LPS of the Ruhr-University Bochum as well as the Sozialforschungsstelle (sfs) presented important results of the project (funded by the MAGS NRW) to the participants. The program concluded with a workspace consulting, a technology tour and the contents of the core modules.

With the Future Hub, Ch@nge Ruhr supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and employees in the Ruhr region in the digital transformation with successful practical examples from the region, with information on consulting and funding offers in the structural adaptation process, with learning journeys for employees and work labs for social partners around digitalization topics, and with a platform for consultants (Worksp@ce) who accompany companies in the digital transformation in a work-oriented manner.

The final event in Bochum with around 25 participants started with a WorkSp@ce consulting session entitled “Mismatch or success factor? Work-oriented consulting in turbulent times”, which addressed the question of the form in which work-oriented digitization is needed and perceived by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) against the backdrop of current social, political and economic challenges. Important inputs referred to different perspectives on work-oriented consulting and were able to broaden the field of vision of the participants in the field. Another focus was on the consulting profiles of the Future HUB, which can be created by the individual consultants in the future. The second part of the final event started with a technology tour through the learning and research factory of the LPS. Here, the method and overview contents of the work labs were presented. Together with the learning journeys, these form the core of the Ch@nge Knowledge module of the project. Another module, Ch@nge Success, shows various practical examples and success stories for the work-oriented introduction of digitization. Ultimately, the Future HUB Ch@nge Ruhr focusses the project's offerings on one platform and offers formats for further processing. To this end, an intensive debate took place on possibilities for joint cooperation and further work.