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“Trustworthy AI Made in Germany and Europe”: New volume of Beiträge aus der Forschung

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In the article “Trustworthy AI Made in Germany and Europe: Unique feature or sales gimmick?”, the two authors, Thorben Krokowski and Prof. Dr. Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen, discuss the goal proclaimed by the German Federal Government and the European Union of establishing a distinctive feature of Trustworthy AI. The AI strategy of establishing a characteristically European unique selling proposition is aimed in particular at securing a decisive competitive advantage over rivals from the USA and China in the global AI race. In addition to the questions of whether and to what extent that AI strategy can actually be accorded the status of an exclusive AI special path, the two authors discuss, among other things, the extent to which a combination of the two potentials of the German-European industrial location, in conjunction with a Trustworthy AI orientation, could strengthen the status as a leading AI-nation in the long term and sustainably.

In order to prevail in the global race for technological leadership or at least not to be left behind, the research, development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as a key technology of the 21st century, has long since evolved into a fundamental pillar of modern industrial nations. With the establishment of Trustworthy AI Made in Germany and Made in Europe, the German Government and the European Union are aiming to realize a characteristic European unique selling proposition. As a result, it is hoped to generate a decisive competitive advantage over the competition from the USA and China and, by virtue of this, to support the international competitiveness of the German and European economy. In addition, the intention is to transfer European value standards to the international level. The aim of this paper is to investigate whether and to what extent the development of a Trustworthy AI Made in Germany/Europe actually functions as a well-founded unique feature. In addition, questions are addressed as to which implications the constitution of a Trustworthy AI entails. Furthermore, it is examined, which factors must be particularly considered and, if necessary, additionally be integrated, in order to be able to exploit the colported impact potentials of a trustworthy AI in the best possible way. The authors of the article assume that especially in the German-European context an interplay between Industrial and Trustworthy AI orientation, which has been largely neglected so far, can create an indispensable and sustainable connection for the promotion and increase of the AI benefit potential.

The publication is in German language with an abstract in English. It can retrieved here.


Location & approach

Exit 13 (Kreuz Dortmund Nord-Ost), direction Derne/Schwerte (B236), 1st exit direction Dortmund-Eving, next traffic lights turn right (Kemminghauser Str.), after 2.7km turn left (Evinger Str./B 54), after 1.1km traffic lights turn left (Deutsche Straße), after 500m on the left is the Evinger Platz.

From the Bundesstraße 1 (extension A40 or A44) to the intersection B1/B236 direction Lünen, 3rd exit direction Dortmund-Eving.

Exit Dortmund Hafen, turn left until the intersection Münsterstraße (B54), direction Eving, after about three kilometers turn into Deutsche Straße.

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From Dortmund Airport, it takes just about 20 minutes to get to Dortmund Central Station by AirportExpress and from there to the university by subway (U-Bahn) 41. The stop is "Zeche Minister Stein". A wider range of international flight connections is offered by Düsseldorf Airport, about 60 kilometers away, which can be reached directly by S-Bahn from the university station. From there, you can get directly to Dortmund Central Station.

From Dortmund Central Station, take the U 41 light rail (direction Brambauer / Brechten). The stop is "Zeche Minister Stein". The Minister Stein Center is located on the right in the direction of travel of the streetcar.

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