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14 gelbe Sterne in einem Kreis angeordnet, unterbrochen unten rechts durch in gelben Großbuchstaben geschrieben "ESTEP". Drei blaue Linien durchqueren das Bild. © Quelle: sfs

The European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) brings together all the major stakeholders in the European steel industry - includes major steel manufacturers; universities and re­search in­sti­tu­ti­ons active in steel re­search; major users of steel such as car manufacturers; and public bodies like the European Commission and national governments. ESTEP’s mission aims to engage in collaborative EU actions and projects tackling EU challenges (notably on renewable energy, climate change, low-carbon emission, circular economy, Industry and Work 4.0) in order to create a sustainable EU steel industry.

This is namely done by disseminating results of projects, by facilitating a supportive environment for collaborative projects, by the Strategic Research Agenda and by the active network of ESTEP’s community. ESTEP is organised by several Working Groups, of which one is – beside more technology oriented groups - dedicated to “People”.The sfs is engaged in the Working Group "People" (Vice Chair) by developing a new skills agenda and combining technological with social innovation.

Anfahrt & Lageplan

Anreise mit öf­fent­lichen Verkehrsmitteln

Vom Hauptbahnhof Dort­mund mit der Stadtbahn U 41 (Rich­tung Brambauer / Brechten) bis zur Haltestelle Zeche Minister Stein fahren. In Fahrtrichtung der Stadtbahn rechts liegt das Zen­trum Minister Stein.

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